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EchoTUBEZ® - Smart&Safe Air Tube hands free  includes

The Wired Air Tube headset – it's the same idea as usual "Handsfree" but with the

innovative Stereo Air Tube part that replace the electric earphones that transfer the sound

by electric wire including the harmful radiation and lead it directly to your brain.  

The Smart&Safe hollow air tubes conducts the sound from your cell phone using

"sound waves"  without metal wires and reduces the electro-magnetic radiation

reaching the listener’s head by up to 98%.

If you choose to use the wired version of Smart&Safe headset, you need to choose

the hands free connector matched to your telephone model.

The Wireless Bluetooth Air Tube headset an innovative stereo wireless hands free

based on patented SAAT – Stereo Acoustic Air Tube – technology conducts the sound

from your cell phone conversations and music through a hollow tube filled with air.

The Air Tube part prevents the radiation getting to your head and mind and an extra

radiation blocker card that attached to the back of the Bluetooth device, block the

radiation getting to your chest and body.

The Wireless Bluetooth had the ultimate advantage of "universality" as it adjust to all

cell phone with Bluetooth option and allowed you to use your cell phone

"wireless and safety" and  enjoy stereo sound.

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